Deal Ready™ Sprints.

Helping businesses align stakeholders and define a clear vision for collaborative innovation.


The goal of the PREPARE Sprint is to rapidly define the current state of your collaborative abilities, your innovation destination, the capabilities that you will need to get there and activities that will be actioned along the way - and how you will measure your successes, failures, and progress.


Of equal importance to the PREPARE Sprint is defining the rules for engagement. The ENGAGE Sprint deilvers a framework and acceptance criteria that allow your organisation to quickly understand which potential opportunities can or should be ignored, and which opportunities should be prioritised and fast-tracked.


By completing these sprints, you will not just define your collaborative strategy, but you will start the work required to build a shared understanding of it. This allows you to get buy-in from your core team, and develop a framework for continuously measuring your progress and refining your plan.

  • Aligned collaboration and engagement strategy
  • Outline strategy framework

    • define emerging technology and startup collaboration approach
    • develop focus, rationale and benefits for organisation and startup
  • Overview of the key drivers of change/growth/inertia

    • Key people of influence, and how to manage them
    • This will drive the creation of the acceptance criteria framework
  • Collaboration mission statement and DNA
  • Value enablement map for collaborative engagements on the horizons model
  • List of OKRs for collaborative engagements

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