Deal Ready™ Platform.

The ultimate workflow tool and database for corporate innovation and venturing teams.

The Deal Ready™ platform is a CRM for collaborative innovation and corporate venturing.

No one would expect a sales team to perform without access to a CRM, but corporate venturing and innovation teams are consistently expected to work with substandard workflow tools or hacked together solutions - we know because we survived it.

The Deal Ready™ platform is our answer, and it is what we use inhouse at Venture Agenda.


The public face of the Deal Ready™ platform acts as a single point of entry for all innovators, startups and emerging technologies into your business. It brings an end to fragmented communications and ownership, lost knowledge, and inconsistent messaging.

  • Present challenges to internal and external innovators to collect inbound opportunities in a consistent and structured way.
  • Receive discovered and scouting startups from our partner ecosystem directly, filtering the noise before it reaches your inbox.
  • Enable transparency of dealflow, assessments and engagement progress across your entire organisation.


Your Deal Ready™ platform enables your team to support the decision-making process with a persistent database, review and rating tools, and access to third-party assessment reports.

  • Support the review and alignment process with ratings and compatibility reports for each engagement
  • Manage the workflow of engagements and capture key data points essential for successful deal execution.
  • Review your portfolio of engagements and leverage support from Venture Agenda and its partners

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